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About Us

About Us

Hiranur Science and Service Association was established in 2012 as a charity association "Service to humanity in the light of revelation." was established with the motto. Our association headquartered in Istanbul, Sancaktepe; It started its activities in order to be with the needy people living in Turkey and our oppressed brothers and sisters living as minority Muslims in many countries of Africa and Asia, to support scientific activities in these regions, and to spread the trust of the Turkish flag all over the world.

Our association works to train students of science as a place of science, and to provide all kinds of material and moral support to our brothers and sisters in need of help, who are trying to survive in the grip of poverty, hunger and thirst, and who do not have humane living conditions in their regions.

Our association supports the generosity of our nation by increasing the goodness and beauty in the world, meeting all kinds of needs of our brothers in need living in Turkey and oppressed geographies, helping our school-age children to progress on the path of science by building madrasas and providing scholarships, and strengthening our fraternal ties with our religious brothers and sisters around the world. has undertaken the mission of spreading

Our association aims to deliver Islamic and humanitarian services to all corners of the world in a quality, correct, honest and reliable manner, and to repair the hearts of our oppressed brothers, whose hearts have been broken for humanity due to years of persecution, with affection.